General Purpose

Performs full performance law enforcement duties in the carrying out of animal control and routine code enforcement functions.

Code Enforcement Officer I is an entry level position in which the Code Enforcement Officer I is familiarized with and learns to perform all of the duties and responsibilities of the job.

Reporting Relationships

Supervision Received: The Code Enforcement Officer works under the general guidance and direction of the Code Enforcement Supervisor and Animal Shelter Manager.

Supervision Exercised: None

Essential Functions

  • Learn to respond to dispatched radio calls for a multitude of animal complaints/emergencies, parking complains and VIN inspections
  • Learn to understand the Utah State Radio 10 Code and phonetic alphabet, in order to be able to communicate on the radio using proper language and etiquette.
  • Patrols City for stray, injured and dead animals; captures and impounds stray injured and uncontrolled animals; disposes of dead animals; uses nets, ropes, traps and other tools to capture and control animals; assists in euthanizing animals; maintains records of all activities; compiles reports.
  • Learn to interpret and enforce all city ordinances pertaining to animal control; examines rabies tags for validity and issues warnings/citations to delinquent owners; investigates complaints of animal bites, stray animals, and barking dogs.
  • Learn to check for and enforce violations relating to vehicle parking, inoperable vehicles, and abandoned vehicles; performs other routine code enforcement duties as assigned; assists other agencies.
  • Is on call during their shift cycle and responds after hours to the Emergency Room for dog bite investigations. While on call the Code Enforcement Officer will respond to other urgent animal needs such as: sick or injured animals, vicious animals, animals that are in traps, assisting Police Officers with animals belonging to arrested persons, and any other urgent need that may arise.
  • The Code Enforcement Officer will also be familiar with and operate the Moab Animal Shelter in the absence of the Animal Shelter Manager. Release animals to their owners, charging the appropriate fees and deposits. Clean the dog and cat areas in the morning and evening. Feed the animals at the appointed time and administer any medications as needed.
  • Issue written warnings and citations for violations of Moab City Codes and Grand County Animal Codes. Make court appearances as needed and testify regarding citations issued or other related matters.
  • Assist with traffic control for vehicle accidents, parades, funeral processions or any other urgent need that arises.
  • Become trained as a School Crossing Guard and fill in for the Crossing Guard during their absence. Must also possess the crossing guard schedule and keys for the crossing lights. The Code Enforcement Officer will either carry in their vehicle or have ready access to the Crossing Guard equipment, Cones, Stop Paddle, and Traffic Vest.
  • Become trained in the use of the department issued rifle for euthanasia of large animals (deer).
  • Take calls from dispatch for found property (bicycles, cellphones, and wallets), retrieve the property and document the circumstances in an information report. Take the property to the Police Department and store for safekeeping.
  • Train and become proficient in handling of aggressive and or vicious/dangerous animals.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Working knowledge of the handling and care of domestic and wild animals; working knowledge of animal control ordinances and operational procedures; some knowledge of street system and physical layout of city.
  • Skill in capturing, handling and retaining animals.
  • Ability to enforce regulations and ordinances with firmness, tact, and impartiality;
  • Ability to maintain operating records;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees and the public.
  • Ability to write a clear and understandable report using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Special Qualifications (Licenses, Certifications, etc.)

  • Within six months, must complete Euthanasia Training Certification.
  • Within one year, must complete Basic Animal Control Training A/I Certification.
  • Within two years, must complete Basic Animal Control Training B/II Certification.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and experience required:

  • High school graduate or equivalent

Work Environment and Physical Demands

The Code Enforcement Officer works in a range of climatic environments and may be exposed to extreme weather and traffic conditions. The Code Enforcement Officer may deal with unpredictable animal behavior. Tasks regularly include lifting and controlling large animals, and may entail muscular strain, including walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching and lifting. Talking, hearing and seeing are essential to performing job requirements. Common eye, hand and finger dexterity is required for most essential functions.

Selection Guidelines

A formal application and resume is required; finalists will interview with the appropriate hiring authority. Applicant must pass a pre-employment drug test and background check, and upon employment, must possess a valid Utah driver's license.